Chapter 1. Dynatomic

Realsoft 3D version 8 includes Dynatomic™ - a full featured Simulation System!

With DynAtomic you can

Objects in DynAtomic™ can interact togheters be they colliding, attached to others with constraints or mix-controlled by keyframed animation and by interaction of the most common fields like with Wind, Drag, Earth like Gravity, Newton and Magnetic forces.

Spacing from automatic mass distribution, 3D attributes painting, Cache playback and with an incredible amount of many other features, with DynAtomic the only limit is your creativity.

DynAtomic inserts new tab into the Realsoft 3D toolbar. All the tools support context sensitive help - just press F1 on any of the tools to open the manual page of the tool in question. You can find the documentation in the dynatomic subfolder.

Dynatomic Manual