Batch Rendering

Realsoft 3D supports number of startup options to support batch rendering. This feature allows you to, for example, render multiple animations over night.

There are three startup options which are useful when using the program as a 'batch renderer'.


Automatically plays the animation using the current file rendering settings.


-lastframe yyy

Specify the range to be played. If not given, uses the range specified by the project.

To use batch rendering, you have to select one of the 'rendering specification' objects in the select window (on the last tab) and save the project as usual. Batch rendering uses the selected rendering configuration to render the project.

When -play startup option is given, the program automatically quits as soon as it gets the given animation rendered. This allows you to create script files to render any number of animations. For example, to render two animations you might execute the following script file:

realsoft3d -file myproject.r3d -play -firstframe 10 -lastframe 20

realsoft3d -file anotherproject.r3d -play

[Note] Note
The -firstframe or -lastframe switch the program to 'play range' mode and override any range settings defined by the project. If you don't pass these options, the range settings defined by the project will be used.