Customizing the Toolbar

The toolbar in Realsoft 3D is user configurable. You can add new tools into the toolbar, change the order in which the tools appear and delete existing tools.

1. Select the pull down menu Customization/Available Objects Window.

Note that the contents of this window may vary depending on the version and installed modules.

2. Go to the Tools tab and open some tool frames to find the actual tool icons.

3. Drag & drop the desired tools into suitable locations of your toolbar.

Available Objects Window

Removing tools from the toolbar

You can remove any tool from the toolbar as follows:

1. Select the pull down menu Customization/Edit GUI.

Activate the user interface editing mode

2. Move the mouse over the desired tool and click the right mouse button to open the pop-up menu. Select Delete from the menu.

3. When ready, exit the GUI editing mode by selecting the menu Customization/Edit GUI again.

Delete a tool from the toolbar

Changing the order of tools

In the GUI editing mode, you can use drag & drop to move a certain tool of the toolbar into another position. However, you can't move or relocate tools away from the toolbar, i.e. tools can exist only in a toolbar.