Furniture can be modeled manually using the general modeling tools. The easiest way is to use the intelligent drag and drop tools and predefined furniture libraries.

Take the top view (OpenGL shading switched off). Let's handle the kitchen first. Zoom in so that the kitchen fills the view window. Select kitchen from the select window and open its hierarchy, if not open yet. Make sure the kitchen is the current level; note that a small indicator at the left side of the hierarchy level shows what the current level is.

To keep the scene hierarchy in order, all pieces of furniture will be collected to a new level. Select New/Level from the popup menu of the select window. A new hierarchy folder appears to the end of the sub object list of the kitchen. Rename the level as 'furniture'. Then make the level current so that all loaded items will be placed there automatically.

Pick Browse Object Library from the popup menu of the select window. Click the furniture folder in the browser window. Find the item called cabinet. Drag and drop it to the top right corner of the kitchen, 2 grid units down from the corner and one grid unit away from the wall. The drop position is marked with a red cross in the picture below. If the drop position was correct, the cabinet snaps into the corner and aligns with the back wall of the kitchen, which was closest to the drop position.

A new level for furniture added into the kitchen and made current

Drop position of the cabinet and the loaded object. The cabinet aligns itself with the closest wall.

Drag the same cabinet and drop to the same position - 2 grid units down and 1 unit away from the wall. The new cabinet snaps to the end of the first cabinet.

[Note] Note

Do not drop the cabinet inside the wall. It may align to the wrong side of the wallpaper!

Check the tool bar after you dropped the second cabinet. It is a parametric object, and you can easily change its width from 0.4 meters to, say, 0.6 meters.

Next drop the cabinet_open to the end of the cabinet row. This time you must shift the drag position one grid unit further. Then add one more cabinet to finish the cabinet group.

Four cabinets loaded
[Note] Note
If you accidentally drop a cabinet to a wrong place, just move the cabinet to its intended place or apply Edit/Undo pull down menu and try again.

To finish the experiments in the kitchen, drop the object simple_lamp to the middle of the kitchen. Lamp does not snap to any wall, but it moves in view's orthogonal direction to find the ceiling. If you forgot to enable Ceiling after decorating the kitchen, lamp will travel all the way up to the roof.

Add also some furniture to the middle room. First make it the current level, then add a new sub level called furniture, then make the furniture level the current level. Add the furniture as follows:

After these steps, take a side view to verify that all objects have snapped vertically to a correct height.

Some pieces of furniture added. Top and side view.