The house is floating in empty space. You can model and texture the environment manually, or use predefined world models. We will now use the latter approach. Select the pull down menu Layers/World/flat_ground. New objects appear into the select window hierarchy. The loaded world model also includes a sun, so select the original light point from the select window and hit Del key to delete it.

Add a world around the house

Take the front view. Make sure that the base of the house meets the ground level. If not, you can fix it easily:

Go to the top view. Select the level called World. Make it the current level. From now on, new items will be loaded to the world level. Zoom out so that you can see the whole building and the surrounding area. We will plant some trees next.

Some trees planted

Open the object browser window from the popup menu of the select window. Go to the folder models/Plants/simple and drag and drop an object called flowertree in front of the house. Then drop three camelia trees to the front yard.

Close the object browser window. The 3 camelia trees are identical, which is quite unnatural. Multi select the trees and click the Randomize tool on the tool bar. Each tree becomes unique.

Close the world level on the select window and click the root level. Then click the Camera tool on the toolbar. First click on the position where you want to place the camera, for example in the front yard. Click second time where you want to aim the camera - in the middle of the house. The third click defines the opening angle of the camera.

Create a second camera inside the house, for example into the kitchen. Take a front view. Move the cameras upwards to a natural height, say 1.5 meters from the ground level.

Drag and drop the first camera to the view window. The view takes the projection parameters from the dropped camera object. Click the render button, which is located in the lowest icon group of the view control bar. Note that you can scroll the bar with the mouse wheel in case the button is hidden below the visible area. The last step is to save the finished project.

Ray traced image of the house and its environment
[Note] Note

You can save the contents of the view to an image file using the view popup menu Render/Save to File. To create print resolution images, use the File/Render pull down menu.