The Roof

To add a roof above the building, select the building object and click the Roof tool in the toolbar.

Roof Tool

By default, the roof has a rectangular base shape and a pyramid like structure. The shaded view shows that again, all surfaces are plain white by default. Switch to the material tab of the select window and double click the material building_roof. After the property window has opened, use the file browser to select a texture map called roof1.jpg.

Textured roof

The roof properties, such as the height, width of eaves etc. can be adjusted from the tool control bar and in more detail using the property window. The actual roof shape can be changed using the Roofline tool.

Go to the unshaded top view. Make sure that the roof object is selected and click the roof line tool.

Roof Line tool

Click three times to draw a line that travels in the middle of the L-shape of the building. It does not matter how far the lines reach outside the building. After the third point, click Accept or hit Enter.

[Note] Note
You can use Shift, x and y modifier keys to easily define exact horizontal and vertical lines.

Defining the roof line

The building now has a hip roof. Change it to a gable roof by selecting Roof End = Straight from the tool bar.

Switch back to shaded perspective view and rotate around the house. As you can see, there are triangular holes below the roof at both ends of the house. To fix that, open the wall definitions folder under the building. Select the first wall object (it defines the outer walls). Then activate the Extend to Roof option from the tool bar. The roof is now ready.

Select the outer wall object

The gable roof finished