The user interface of Realsoft 3D is completely dynamic. Any part of if can be removed, new windows can be inserted.

The dynamic implementation also includes strings and labels associated with graphical controls: such as sliders, buttons and check boxes. All strings can be replaced, translated to another language, abbreviated, etc. and the interface automatically adapts to the new string lengths.

The 'locale' directory contains all strings of the program. The folder includes one file for each Realsoft 3D module. There is a sub folder for each language. The folder named 'english' contains all the built-in strings in the program.

To support new languages, say swedish, find this 'locale' folder in the home directory of Realsoft 3D. Create a new directory under the 'locale' directory. For example 'swedish'.

3. Copy the default string files from the 'english' directory into the newly created directory. Translate the strings in the copied .ini files to the new language. Translate only the strings after the '=' character on each line. The strings before the '=' character are used for identifying the strings and should not be changed.

4. Open the StartOpts utility program and set language to the new language, say swedish.

[Note] Note
The string files in the 'locale\english' directory are automatically generated from the source code and should not be modified.

You can also select the localization with a startup parameter as follows:

realsoft3d -lang swedish

Localizing user defined strings

In addition to built-in strings, the end user may create new user interfaces, such as windows and tool bars. Strings in these user defined display elements can be translated as well.

Localizing Tab labels

Tab labels can be defined in the r3wid2.ini, under class [r3guitab].

For example:



will change the 'SDS tool tab to 'Subdivision'.

Localizing Window names

Window names (strings you see in the Windows pull-down menu), can be localized in r3wid2.ini, under the class [r3drfwto].

For example, to change the 'Property Window' to 'Properties':


Property Window=Properties

Localizing Docked Window names

Docked windows, such as 'Advanced Search' or 'Animation Settings' can be localized through the r3wid.ini file, under the class [r3clnwin].

For example, to change the 'Animation Settings' title to 'Anim. Options':


Animation Settings=Anim. Options