VSL Wizards

The easiest way to create new kinds of VSL materials is to use VSL wizards. These wizards are available in the VSL editor. Wizards construct the necessary material structure automatically, and insert suitable controls for easy use.

For example, to create a marble like material using wizards:

1. Switch to the material tab of the select window and create a new VSL material using the select window's popup menu.

Create a new material from the select window's material tab.
Property window with Preview enabled

2. Double click the created blank material icon to open the property window. Check the Preview option so that you can preview the material while the construction proceeds.

Add a texture map to the material

3. Select Texture map from the wizard list and press the Add button. New controls appear below the wizard list.

Texture map properties

4. Check the TileX and TileY options, and click browse to find a suitable texture map file. For example, textures/wood.

5. Select Specular Color from the wizard list, and press Add. New controls appear.

6. Adjust specular sharpness and brightness until the material looks suitable on the preview window.

[Note] Note
All wizards are editable - to change a color texture wizard is simply a case of changing the outputs; To change the texture wizard for example, to a fade map, change the output from Color to Fade. The wizards are supplied to make creating materials easier and as a base to work upon.

A marble material created using the texture and the specular color wizards