Binding Macros to Pull Down Menus

Open the pull-down menu editor

The user can customize the pull down menu strip. Any number of new menu items can be inserted to it. When a menu is selected, the associated macro is executed.

Let's practice this by adding a pull down menu, which activates the Move tool.

1. Select the pull down menu Environments/Customization/Pull down menu editor.

2. We will insert the new menu item under the Tools/Transformation menu. So, locate and select the Transformation menu item from the opened menu tree view. Select 'Add Sub Item' from the menu editor's popup menu.

This adds a new node 'New Sub Item' into the end of the menu list of the Transformation node.

Add a new menu item into the Tools/Transformation menu
A macro 'mod:move' bound to a 'my move' pull down menu

3. Locate the node and rename it to 'My move' using the 'Text' field. Then select the 'mod:move' macro of the named macro list in the bottom of the menu window. You have now created a new menu item and bound it to a macro.

4. Click the 'Apply' button in the menu window. The specified menu is now inserted to the actual menu strip.

Close the menu editor and try selecting the new menu - the macro 'mod:move' is executed, activating the move tool.

A new pull down menu 'My move' inserted to the Transformation menu

[Note] Note
The menu strip is saved with the project. Save the environment to a suitable file to keep the customized menu permanently. (Use the 'File/Save as Startup' pull down menu to save the menu strip to your startup file. Note that this overwrites the startup file.)