The Font tool creates NURBS curves representing a given text string and font type. The generated curves can then be extruded to 3D or used as animation paths, etc.

1. Activate the Font tool. It's located in the NURBS tab of the control bar.

The Font tool selected
Enter two points through the view window to define a base line

2. Define a TrueType font and some text through the control bar.

3. Enter two points through a view window to define a base line for the outline curves.

This creates the object hierarchy shown in the example image.

You can modify the generated text any time by selecting the font manager object (such as 'truetype outline69') and editing its text property using the property window.

Font construction consists of a Font Manager object and font curves

Changing Text of a font manager object

For example, to change the Realsoft 3D text to 'Yes':

1. Double click the 'Truetype outline69' object in the select window. The property window is opened, or simply activated if already open.

2. Go to the Spec tab and enter a new string to the Text field.

The font manager object updates the curves to reflect the new string.

To extrude the NURBS curves, simply select all levels below the font manager containing the single letter curves and select NURBS/Extrude from the main toolbar.