Extruded Surfaces

The Extrude tool can be used, for example, for creating 3D logos. The tool can handle nested curves by automatically detecting which one of the curves defines holes. You can also control the beveling shape, radius and other extrusion options.

Tutorial project: 'tutorprojects\modeling\nurbs\extrude\logo'

Let's create a simple logo whose depth is 0.1 m and edge rounding is 5 mm.

1. Create a set of closed NURBS curves representing a desired logo shape.

Extrude tool

2. Select the curves in any order and click the Extrude tool in the control bar.

3. As usual, the control bar now shows you a number of extrude tool specific options. Set Beveling Type to Rounded and find an appropriate beveling Radius and extrusion Depth. When found, click Accept.

Nested curves for a simple logo

Specifying extrusion options

The Extrude tool also creates an Extrusion Manager object. This object controls the beveling radius and other extrusion specific options - they can be changed any time.

For example, to change the type of the beveling of the logo we created above:

4. Select the extrusion manager object (it is called 'Extrude') and open the property window. Go to the Spec tab and select another beveling type.

The shape of the logo is updated instantly.

You can also modify the original construction curves, which are placed inside the extrusion manager object, to reconstruct the object.

The logo defined by the nested curves

Select the extrusion manager object and change the Beveling type from the property window

[Note] Note
The Extrude tool can extrude filled objects only from closed curves. For example, an 'S' shaped curve cannot be extruded that way, because the curve does not have well defined 'interior'. Therefore, the tool cannot determine the direction of the beveling or nesting of multiple curves. Extruding open curves makes sense if the No Lids option is set.

[Note] Note
If the Independent option is checked, each selected object is extruded independently into a separate level. By default this option is not set.

If you wish to create holes and you have checked the Independent option, you need to put curves into a level and select the level before extruding. In this case a hole will be created. If just just select your curves and set the Independent option, then each curve will be extruded separately and no hole will be created.