The Font Tool

The Font tool creates font outlines. Outlines are represented as regular NURBS curves. You can use them with all surface construction tools.

Let's experiment with the tool.

1. Activate the Font tool. It's in the NURBS tab.

You can now see a number of tool specific options in the control bar.

The Font tool activated

2. Specify the desired font properties and type in a string 'Hello' into the Text field.

[Note] Note
Use the Browse button to bring up the standard font selector window and select a font, style and size.

3. Then enter two points through the view window to define a base line for the outline curves. When the second point is entered, the tool is automatically accepted and the curves are inserted to the scene.

Hello using Times New Roman
Select font manager

4. Let's assume we made a mistake. Instead of using the Times font, we should have used the Courier font.

In the select window, you can see an object whose name matches the text you specified into the Text field ('Hello', in this case). Open this level and you can see a font manager object. The font manager object is named according to the font class you specified (Truetype, for example). Select the font manager object.

5. Open the property window. In the Spec tab, change the font type to Courier New, for example. The curves in the view window are instantly updated to reflect the new selected font.

Hello with Courier font

Let's end this tutorial by creating a 3D logo from the curves. The Extrude tool can be used for this.

6. Select the entire 'Hello' folder from the Select Window. Click the Extrude icon in the NURBS toolbar.

Extrude tool

7. Select and specify the desired extrusion options through the control bar. For example, set Beveling Type to Round. When done, click Accept to finish the tool.

Extruded outline fonts on a semi reflective floor

8. Drag and drop a material such as 'Gold' from the Select Window's material tab into the view window to assign a nice material to the new 3D text object. Add a point light source above the text. Use the Analytic Rectangle tool to model a floor below the text. Hit '0' key to render the view and check the result.

Tutorial project: 'tutorprojects\modeling\nurbs\fonts\hello'