Field Rendering

When very smooth animation is required, 25 frames per second (or even 30 fps) may not be enough. Extra smoothness of motions can be achieved by showing a new image in each video field. The PAL system, for example, shows 50 individual fields per second. Nevertheless, because of the interlaced nature of the PAL system, each field includes only one half of the vertical picture lines.

Therefore, rendering full video resolution images for field-rate recording means wasting one half of the rendering time and picture information.

Rendering fields to disk files

Using field rendering in Realsoft 3D is easy: build and animate the scene in the normal way. Then activate Field rendering from the animation options before starting the rendering. The example below shows how to prepare field rendering of an animation for PAL video recording.

1. Create the animation as usual. Use the normal amount of frames (25 frames for one second in PAL).

2. Insert a camera object to the scene using the camera tool, if not already inserted. Open the property window and go to the Spec tab. Set the Image aspect to PAL from the Presets list. Close the property window.

Selecting PAL camera aspect ratio

3. Open the Animation Settings window from the Windows menu of the main menu bar. Check the Field Rendering option.

4. The animation settings window has also two other options for controlling field rendering. The options Shift latter field up and Interlace latter field above should be cleared if your video hardware defaults to the EVEN field first. If the hardware uses the ODD field first, set both check boxes.

5. The final step is rendering to a file. Select File/Render from the main menu. Select PAL from the configuration list. It already includes the correct image resolution.

[Note] Note
The resolution is the frame resolution, not the field resolution. Prepare file rendering the usual way, as instructed in the manual section 'Rendering Still Images and Animations to a File'. Then start file rendering.

File rendering options for PAL fields. The selected render settings object has appropriate field options.