Rendering Settings

A Rendering Settings object is a collection of rendering options. Realsoft 3D's photorealistic rendering engine is extremely powerful and designed for maximum realism and image quality. Correspondingly, rendering settings include a large number of options for controlling the entire rendering process.

Rendering settings can be managed through the select window's Render Settings Tab. This tab shows the current library of predefined settings, and you can freely add new ones to suit your needs.

To create a new rendering settings object, select the New pop-up menu. This creates a new object into the select window. As usual, you can use the property window to modify properties of the newly created object.

You can simply drag & drop a render settings object from the select window to a view window. Another solution is to use the view property window's Rendering tab to select the rendering settings. You can open this window from the View Properties menu, which is available in the view's popup menu (right click on view.)

Selecting rendering settings from the view property window

Rendering settings for file rendering

The File/Render window allows you to render the current project to a file. Rendering cannot be started before a rendering settings object is selected from the Rendering Settings list.

File rendering with Quality over speed