JavaScript provides you with a sophisticated, object oriented scripting interface to Realsoft 3D.

These tutorials describe how to use JavaScript to access Realsoft 3D functionality. They are intended for programmers who are already experienced at using JavaScript or some other object oriented programming language.

JavaScript is linked to Realsoft 3D through set of wrapper objects. There is a JavaScript object for each Realsoft 3D object, allowing you to access the functionality of Realsoft 3D through native JavaScript interface.

It should be emphasized that JavaScript interface was designed to provide you with total control over Realsoft 3D. It allows you to customize and expand the functionality of the program. Therefore, the structure of the JavaScript interface corresponds to the structure of Realsoft 3D application, as defined in the Realsoft 3D Software Development Tool Kit.

It is also important to understand that JavaScript objects and Realsoft 3D objects are not the same thing. Realsoft 3D objects can exist with or without JavaScript.