Defining Pointwise Properties

You can define surface properties of SDS objects as you would define those of any geometric objects: using materials and constant attributes listed in the 'Col' tab of the property window. In addition to this, you can also set surface properties for individual control points of SDS objects.

You can define surface properties through selected points, edges and faces. This tutorial demonstrates how to manage pointwise properties.

Pointwise colors

Let's create a sphere whose north pole is red and south pole is blue.

1. Take a Top view and then create a SDS sphere.

2. Take a front view and switch to point, edge or face editing mode (for example, select the 'Edit Faces' from the compass menu).

Enter Edit Faces mode
Northern faces selected

3. Select the faces of the upper half of the sphere.

4. Open the property window and go to the 'Spec' tab. Make sure the 'Attribute' field in the 'Selected Points' group is set to 'Color'. Then enter the value '1 0 0' (red) to the 'Value' field.

Color property for the northern faces set to red

5. Select the southern faces of the sphere and define a blue color through the 'Value' field.

6. Render the subdivision sphere to see the result.

You can define all surface properties, such as transparency and refraction factor, this way.

A smooth SDS sphere with pointwise colors

A polygonal SDS object with pointwise colors