The ground plane is not visible

Cannot RMB-Ctrl-scroll a toolbar

A window is missing

The screen is not updated correctly in OpenGL when moving/closing windows

The program occasionally crashes in OpenGL mode

Geometric objects

Cannot see an object or parts of the object are not visible

Part of a fractal plant is missing and an error message 'maximal plant complexity reached' appears

Fractal plant's UV coordinates are not continuous (form a checkered pattern)

Boolean operations

Components of a Boolean operation are not visible

A surface renders with a noisy random pattern


An object is missing from ray traced images

A parallel mapped texture renders with a noisy random pattern on the target surface

File rendering shows a different image than the view window

The file rendered image appears stretched

Cannot see through transparent objects, or parts of transparent objects appear black

Cannot change the color of a backdrop object

NURBS curves are not visible in rendering

Rendering halts immediately and gives an error message 'channel xxx not found'

Network rendering

Cannot use network rendering

Network rendering is slow

A server system in network rendering cannot render the current project


A transparent material renders white

Cannot see effect of a fog-like material


The camera does not keep its focus in the desired point after key framed rotations

A key frame-animated object rotates to the opposite direction to what was intended

Simulation does not affect the objects

An object does not follow exactly a given path