Modeling Tools

Rotate & Extend Tool

New transformation tool 'Rotate & Extend' from Real3D™ Version 3 plugged in. The tool allows you to both rotate and scale object in one go.

Move-to Transformation Tool

Move-to transformation tool added. Click a point and all the selected objects are moved into the specified position.

Position Mark Measurement Tools

Position Mark measurement tool lets the user to displace the label and the dot visualizing the actual position to be measured. To achieve this switch to edit mode, and drag the position handle with the mouse to displace it from the label. Furthermore, there is a 'Style' option to show only the label, both the label and the position dot, or in displaced case render arrow head line from label to the position mark.

Nurbs Extrude Tool

NURBS Extrude tool optimized for objects with zero extrusion depth. When the depth is set to zero the tool creates only trimmed surfaces.

Editing Numeric Input Fields with Mouse Wheel

Mouse wheel support added for numeric input fields. The wheel changes the digit under the mouse. This provides a fast and productive way for editing the values without the keyboard.