Improvements to Particle System

Curve Control over Particle Properties

Particle system supports 'Curves' for easy control over pointwise properties.

For example, make 'Color' a pointwise property and then enable curves for the color. All curves use particle's relative age (0.0 - 1.0) as input to define colors for particles. For example, the older the particle the dimmer its color.

Emission Channel

Particles support new attribute Emission Channel. Any attribute, such as color or transparency, can be used for determining now much particles gets emitted from objects.

For example, setting Emission Channel Color means that black areas of a surface won't emit particles at all where as surface areas with white color emit with maximum rate.

Solid Model Awareness

Particle Emitter, Distribute over surface and Filler features support solid models. Particles are emitted only from areas which are not trimmed out with boolean operations.

Position Randomness

This option controls how much randomness is added over the position of the new particles to be created. If zero then particles gets emitted precisely from the surface of the emitter object.