User Interface

DPI Awareness for High Resolution Screens

Realsoft 3D V8 is DPI aware: it scales user interface elements to match the detected monitor resolution. Scaling applies to tool button icons, 3D handles and respective thresholds used for detecting when mouse is placed over the handle.

The default operating system detected scaling factor can be overridden with a new 'dpi' parameter. For example, to force DPI to 128, add -dpi 128 to the Realsoft 3D launching shortcut.

      c:\Program Files\Realsoft\Realsoft 3D_64_V8.exe -dpi 128

If the underlying operating system does not support DPI awareness 96 dots per inc is assumed.

SVG Icons

Version 8 includes a new icon set based on SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. SVG icons can be freely scaled to any size without loss of quality.

Courtesy of Andy Jones, Shooting Pixels Photography
Courtesy of Andy Jones, Shooting Pixels Photography
[Note] Note

SVG is the default icon set for Windows operating system. Linux version relies on ImageMagick-7 package which is not available for all Linux distros yet. The linux version of Realsoft 3D therefore uses PNG based pxl8 icons by default.

Desired icon set can be selected by passing the following startup parameter to the program:

      -icon ICONSET

where ICONSET can be either pxl8 or svg.