Command line based batch rendering utility for rendering Realsoft 3D project files. Batch renderer needs less resources than the full Realsoft 3D program. Not only the program code is smaller but also the actual project cosumes less memory space because only rendering specific data needs to be loaded into memory.

Batch renderer renders projects exactly the same way as File/Render window in Realsoft 3D. In fact, batchrenw and File/Render window are just two different interfaces to the Realsoft 3D rendering engine.

To use the batchren application, you need to create a project in Realsoft 3D, specify valid file rendering specifications via File/Render menu and then save the project.

Batch renderer uses the Realsoft 3D's distributed nerwork renderer so all the options you specify in Realsoft 3D will also work in batch renderer.

You can pass any number of projects to batchren. The program loads the given projects one by one and renders each project separately.