To update your Realsoft 3D software select Help/Realsoft on the Web/Check updates pull-down menu. This spawns Software Updater application which guides you through the downloading and installing process.

Software Updater can also be started separately to run on the background. It creates a small icon on the task bar indicating when new version become available. Downloading and updating new versions can be accomplished by clicking the Software Updater icon on the task bar.

[Note] Note

Save your work and close Realsoft 3D before proceeding with the installation! The setup software must close running Realsoft 3D before it can install new software.

Clicking the right mouse button on the task bar icon opens up a pop-up menu with two choices:


Open up user interface for manual operation.


Stop the auto updater process.

The user interface of Software Updater allows the user to manually control the download, and install operations and monitor their progress. This is the user user interface that opens up when Realsoft 3D Help/Realsoft on the Web/Check Updates is selected.

Closing the user interface will shut down the Software Updater. Use Hide pull-down menu to switch the user interface off and let the process to run on the background.

[Tip] Tip

You can also install software updater to automatically run when you boot up your operating system. For more information about this consult your operating system documentation.