Use a workstation as a rendering server

If you just want to use a workstation as a rendering server, start RendD without any parameters:


The program will detect the number of processors in the system and automatically configure itself to take advantage of all the processing power.

Set up a rendering farm

Let's assume you have a network consisting of five workstations and you want to let your employee to access them through the internet. To minimize overhead caused by data transfers, you need to set up one root daemon and four slave daemons. Render farm clients connect only to the root daemon, which then distributes the rendering requests to the other four workstations. It is much faster to send the data to the workstations through the LAN than by sending them through the Internet.

To configure this, start RendD on the four slave workstations without any parameters:


Start the root daemon by specifying the host names of the four slaves as startup parameters:

RendD slave1 slave2 slave3 slave4

[Tip] Tip
In Windows XP, you can find the host name of a computer from Control Panel/System/Computer Name tab. You can use the full computer name defined there as the host name.

Use only one processor for rendering

If you have a dual processor system in the rendering network and you want to use only one of the processors for rendering, start the network rendering daemon as follows:

RendD -threads 1

Create a hierarchical rendering farm

Let's imagine you have a LAN consisting of large number of workstations. The LAN configuration or availability of its computers for rendering purposes changes constantly. In such a case, it is best to use the Automatic Sub Servers option.

Let's assume one workstation 'host5' can be constantly available for rendering. Start the network rendering daemon in it as as follows:

RendD -autodet

Start the render daemon in other workstations as follows:


In the render settings of the client application, for example a view window of Realsoft 3D, enter the host name 'host5' into the Hosts list. Do not use the Automatic Network Rendering option, because the program will connect to the servers both directly and via host5.