Animation Object

Animation object cannot be created directly. It is used by a number of other objects and provides a set of attributes for controlling timing. The attributes modify the local time and the effect propagates also to all the sub objects.

The object defines the following attributes:

Begin: Specifies the beginning of the object's time line.

End: Specifies the end of the object's time line.

Frequency: Scale factor for time. For example, setting Frequency to 2.0, will make the object run twice as fast.

Phase: Translation factor for time.

Periodic: Makes the time periodic, for creating loop animation effects.

Enable Time Curve: Enables the time deformation curve. If set, the time curve will be used for making objects local time non-linear.

Time Curve: The curve for deforming object's local time.

[Note] Note
If this feature is used, the key frame interface is no longer be able to show exact time values for the key frames!