Path Level

Path Level object can be used for bending geometric objects using a nurbs curve, or any other geometric object. The actual geometric object defining the deformation is created inside the path level object.

Path Level can also be used to create path animations, by setting the Animator option, or by applying it to a moving object.

If the Animator option is not set, then the object uses the defined axis to represent non-deformed initial state and the defined curve to define deformed state.

If the Animator option is set, then the object uses the first defined curve segment to represent the deformed state and the rest of the curve is used for generating the path animation effect.

To create a wriggling snake, just apply the tool to a snake object with the Animator option set, or:

1. Create a horizontal cylinder mesh representing a snake.

2. Animate the snake to move horizontally (move the time slider ot the last frame and translate the object in anim. record mode).

3. Activate the Path Level tool, make sure Animator option is not set and define a the first two curve points along the tube. Play the animation to see a wriggling snake.

A suitable banking option can be selected through the property window.