Point Displacer deforms geometric objects using material mapping objects.

The displacement effect is defined by one or several material mapping objects, which are sub objects for the displacer.

A displaced mesh consists of a mesh and a displacer object

When using multiple materials for displacement, the selected materials are responsible for combining the computed channel values. A working combination could be:

  material1                              material2  
     surface properties                     surface properties
        color=*noise(map coords)               color=*curve(map coords)       

The shaders below will not combine well (only the latter material mapping counts):

  material1                              material2  
     surface properties                     surface properties
        color=noise(map coords)                color=curve(map coords)       

Point Displacer has the following controls:

Channel: Selects the material channel, which defines the displacement.

Space: Orientation for moving the target points.

1D: - If set, the target mesh is displaced only in Z axis/Surface normal direction. If the selected channel is 3 dimensional, the sub channel average defines applied 1D displacement values. 1D displacement is usually the most intuitive and easiest deformation available via this constructor.