Drag Object

To use the tool, multi select an animated skeleton, a "floor" object and enter two points through the view window to define gravity. The drag object will then study the movements of the skeleton and translate the skeleton accordingly. Bodies you bind to the skeleton will move with the skeleton.

Or drop the skeleton and the body into a single level and apply the drag tool to the level. In this case also the body points will be taken into account when the drag object computes translation.

Drag object uses collision detection system to determine how much the target object should be moved based on the pointwise translations defined by the target. For example, animate the legs of a robot and drop the robot on a floor. Drag object will make the robot walk on the floor according to the pointwise velocities of the legs.

Drag object affects only the translation of the target objects. It doesn't generate spin to the target objects.

Drag object defines the following attributes:

Rebound: Specifies rebound energy for the collision detection. If the rebound energy is zero, object will not rebound from the surface.

Friction: Surface friction. Setting friction to zero results totally slipping feet effect. Setting friction to max (1) will eliminate slipping feet effect completely.