Inverse Kinematics Object

This is a special purpose geometric sphere that applies inverse kinematics method to the joint it is associated with.

The idea is that one can define independent, reusable motion libraries and associate them with different type of skeletons.

To use this object:

The tool is construction stack based so it can be combines with other type of animation effects. For example, use keyframing to fine tune the motions generated by I.K objects. Add noise to make the character to move and shake, etc.

Inverse Kinematics object defines the following attributes:

Position: Specifies the center point of the Inverse Kinematics object.

Radius: Radius of the object. This can be changed in the property window or by editing a special purpose radius handle in edit mode.

Snap To: If set, the joint is placed exactly on the center of the object. If not set, the initial displacement is maintained.

Five I.K objects attached to a body