Mapping Tab

The Map tab shows the lattice mapping summary for the object.

Lattices: The list of objects to which the edited object is lattice mapped to. You can click a list item to view the properties of the corresponding lattice binding at the bottom of the property window. The list also includes a popup menu 'Remove' for deleting undesired lattice connections one by one.

Map method: The type of the lattice mapping, Pointwise or Object. The pointwise mapping means that each geometry point is treated individually in lattice mapping. Object mapping controls the object via its object space that is attached to the lattice.

Lattice mapping properties of an object following a directed path

Weight: Defines how strongly the lattice mapping affects the target. Weight one means that the control is total i.e. the mapped object fully obeys the lattice. A weight zero disconnects the object fully from the lattice. When using several lattices, a weighted average is computed. Note that in pointwise mapping, also the weight is pointwise. To control pointwise weights, put the mapped object to the point edit state, select some points and enter the desired weight.

Translate, Scale, Rotate, Skew: The transformation components of an object space type lattice mapping. If only Translation is set, the lattice controls only the object space position of the mapped object. If also Rotate is set, the lattice controls the orientation of the target. The Scale component has importance when the lattice is two or three dimensional. For example, if an object follows a mesh and the scale option is enabled, the object will shrink together with the mesh. Finally, the Skew component allows a non orthogonal lattice control making the object to shear together with the lattice.