The building object constructs a complete building from the parameter lines. It manages roof, wall and room sub objects to perform this job.

The hierarchy of the building object has the following sub levels:

  • wall definitions: Contains the wall parameters. The first sub wall object is the outer wall. Other walls split the building into rooms.
  • walls: the wall geometry which the building object generates. You can place material attributes into this folder. Editing the wall geometry items while the buidling construction is enabled makes no sense, because next construction refresh will remove all changes.
  • floor: if the floor feature is enabled, the floor surface is placed here.
  • ceiling: if the ceiling feature is enabled, the ceiling is placed here.
  • base: if the base feature is enabled, the base plate is stored here.
  • wireframes: contains temporary geometry which is added to achieve a clean wireframe representation.
The structure of a building object

The building object has the following options available in its property gadget (Property window/Spec tab):

Wall Geometry options:

  • Uniform Division: each wall section is divided vertically using the same division. This generates a denser SDS mesh, which is usually easier to edit manually.
A wall with 3 holes. Uniform wall geometry division on the left, minimal division on the right.

Base options:

Measure Lines: