The extrude manager object builds an extruded NURBS mesh system from the parameter NURBS curves. The following options are available:

  • Bevelling - The bevelling type. The following alternatives are available:

    • None - Extrusion creates sharp 90 degree edges.

    • Sharp Edge - Edges are bevelled with a straight line cut at 45 degree angle.

    • Rounding - Edges are rounded smoothly along a circle arc.

    • Groove - Edges have groove like round bevelling.

None, Sharp, Round and Groove
  • Bevel Out - The beveling is created by expanding the parameter curves. This creates fatter objects.

  • Independent - If set, extruded surfaces from each parameter curve are collected into a separate hierarchy level. If cleared, all surfaces are placed to a same level.

Inwards bevelling on the left, Bevel Out applied on the right