Position Mark

The position mark object is displays the coordinates of its location in view windows. You can add position marks to you scenes to show information about important positions.

The properties of the position make object are:

  • Photorealistic rendering method defines how the geometry is rendered.
    • Ray Trace - The mark and its text is rendered using ray tracing
    • Scanline - The object is rendered using scanline method
    • Post Process - Post processed (= raster) rendering
    • Pseudo 3D - A special correction is applied to the geometry, to obtain a constant appearance the same way as in real-time drawing. Thickness and size of the object will appear constant, regardless of the distance from camera or the viewing angle.
  • Text Size - The size of numerical digits (per mills of full image width), which display the coordinates in view windows
  • Thickness - The radius of the line used in photorealistic rendering (per mills)
  • Position - The XYZ coordinates of the object