Level Material

The Level material allows you to combine existing materials to construct more complex materials. Thanks to this, you can map several materials to an object using a single mapping object. The tutorial 'Blending Materials' already showed one typical use of the level material: combining a material and a 'scope mask', which defines where the material has influence.

Create a Level Material

Creating level materials

Level materials can be created from the select window's New menu (when the Materials tab is selected).

This material can refer to any number of other materials. The sub materials of a level material can be selected simply by dragging the desired materials into the level material in question.

Wood and bump are dragged and dropped into a level material. The result is a bumpy wood material
Modifying level materials

Level materials can be edited as usual: just double click the desired level material in the select window and the property window is opened allowing you to edit the material. Also the property window supports drag&drop. Drag the desired materials from the upper material list into the level material.

A level material consists of two sub materials: wood and bump