This VSL object computes random values. The following controls are provided:

  • Density defines a probability threshold for the random computation. If the density is 0.1, only 10 % of evaluations produce a value other than the random base value. If the density is 1, all evaluations of the object compute a random value.

  • Base value defines the value, which is output if the density threshold is not triggered. It also defines the base level for random values.

  • Amplitude defines how much values range from the base value. If the base value is 2 and range is 1, the random values vary between 2 and 3 (when Centered is cleared).

  • 1D values option selects 'gray scale' output: all output sub channels get the same random value.

  • Centered If set, Amplitude varies symmetrically around the Base value. If cleared, Amplitude is added to the Base value.