Raytrace object gives an access to the actual ray trace engine of Realsoft 3D. It is possible to create customized ray tracing effect using this object.

Some examples:

  • Blurred reflections by sampling 5-10 rays around the reflected ray

  • Global illumination by sampling some random rays around the surface normal

  • Even fog can reflect the surrounding illumination. Each fog volume sample can trace some rays to examine what is around the position.

Raytrace object requires 2-4 input channels:

The raytrace object outputs the result of ray tracing which is usually added to the contents of the illumination channel.

The object has the following options:

[Note] Note
Occlusion and distance rays do not interfere with other shaders, which process or manipulate traced rays.
[Note] Note
Trace Range channel controls all tarcing Modes of the Raytrace object.