An image object displays a disk image file or a frame of an animation file (e.g. an AVI file). You can use it for viewing purposes. For example, when 3D painting an object, the system automatically adds an image object which displays the painting result in real time.

The image object properties are:

  • Name: A symbolic name for the object.

  • Image file: The disk file name. The path may be omitted if image search paths include the parent folder.

  • Aspect: Pixel aspect ratio height/width. With this control, you can fix stretching of images coming from devices, which have non-square pixels (such as popular TV standards PAL and NTSC).

  • Animation: Frame index controls. With these, you can activate automatic image updating by animation time. For example, if you want to synchronize a 3D animation to a live video stream, just create an image object that uses an avi file or a frame sequence, activate Automatic animaton indexing from the Animation tab and drag&drop the image object to a view window. The view window backdrop will automatically update whenever you change the animation frame. For detailed description of these controls, see the Animation tab documentation.