Output Objects

Realsoft 3D
Windows BMP

Output Objects define a rendering target, such as a file format. Such objects are needed in file rendering. The program includes various output object types, which have different properties: JPG allows good compression, AVI objects can store several consecutive frames, Targa supports alpha channel etc. The property window controls described below reflect these differences.

The common properties of all output objects are:

Name: A symbolic name for the object. It usually reflects some characteristic properties and the file format of the object: Jpeg good quality, Preview window, Targa RGBA etc.

Command: A script language or OS command line string that will be executed after the image data output to the object has been finished. The string can include any of the following tokens (square brackets must be included), which the program replaces with the actual used names before executing the command:

The output object command feature can be used for automatic file format conversion using a command line based image processing program such as Image Alchemy.

Channel Bindings: Bindings define what rendering data is placed into the channels of an output object. Each output object initializes reasonable binding defaults at the object creation. For example, the red, green and blue components of the total rendered illumination of each pixel go to the corresponding components of the usual color channel available in all output formats. This default behavior can be customized with the binding editor, which has the following controls: