Lens Flare

The 'Lens Flare' effect simulates optical phenomena caused by bright light in a camera's lens system. Lens flare has many controls, which allow for a wide variety of different effects. Several program modules utilize this effect:

The lens flare controls are divided into three tabs.

'Central Glow' tab:

  • Center color: The color of the bright glow in the middle of the flare.

  • Edge color: The central glow is faded away towards the edge through this color.

  • Central glow size: The diameter of the central glow. Value 1.0 is the full image width.

'Sub Flares' simulate internal lens reflections. The flares make a row passing through the center of the image.

  • Count: The total number of circular sub flares. Set to zero to disable this part of the effect.

  • Brightness: Defines how bright the sub flares are. Usually low values 0.05 - 0.2 give the best results.

The Streaks tab controls drawing of stars. Regular streaks have the same length and they are drawn at regular angle intervals. 'Random' streaks have varying lengthsand random directions.

  • Regular & Random Center color: The color of streaks in the middle of the flare.

  • Regular & Random End color: The streaks fade away towards the end via this color.

  • Regular & Random Count: The number of streaks.

  • Regular & Random Size: The length of regular streaks and the maximal length of random streaks.

  • Regular & Random Thickness: The thickness of streaks in the center of the flare.