Cuts a hole to a wall. The tool has two operation modes:

The hole tool chooses the most appropriate projection automatically. If the hole is defined from a top view (or almost top view), drawing a rectangular hole to a vertical wall is practically impossible. Therefore, the tool lets the user to draw a line segment along the wall base lines. The mouse clicks define only the width of the hole; elevation from the floor level and height can be defined numerically or afterwards by editing the hole object.

If the modeling view shows the walls from a sufficiently perpendicular angle, the tool lets the user to draw the hole directly to the wall under the mouse pointer. All hole dimensions and the position is defined by the two mouse clicks.

Drawing a hole in orthogonal wireframe view and in perspective shaded view

To use the tool:

The tool adds a hole object to the sub level called 'holes' of the building object. A hole object is just a tagged rectangle object. You can move, stretch or duplicate it to get more holes. Rotated holes are not supported; hole edges must be parallel with the wall edges. Moving a hole away from the target wall turns hole-cutting feature off.

The tool does not have any toolbar options, but the dimensions and the elevation can be controlled numerically using the measuring window. The controls are useful when the hole is created from top view, because height and base elevation cannot be set with the mouse.