Displacer is a very powerful constructor based deformator object. It allows the user to deform geometric objects using material mapping objects. It can be used, for example, to create waving flags and landscapes, just to name a few examples.

The displacement effect is defined by a material mapping object, which is given as a sub object for the displacer.

A displaced mesh consists of a mesh and a displacer object

To create a waving flag:

1. Create a nurbs mesh consisting of 10 x 6 control points and representing a flag.

2. In the material selection tab, select the desired material and create a parallel mapping object.

3. Multi select the nurbs mesh and the material mapping object, and click the displacer tool.

4. In the property window, set the 'Space' option to 'UVW'.

A waving flag generated by moving a displacement deformator over a mesh

5. Create a key frame animation where the parallel mapping object moves over the mesh.