Point Translator

Point Translator can refer to one or more geometric points and define point wise translations for the points. In this respect, it is similar to the Sub Group object. However, the point translator is based on the construction system whereas the sub group is based on the lattice mapping system.

Point translators are typically used with skeletons to define facial expressions and other muscle deformations.

For example, one can create a point translator for the points representing a nose and animate the point translator to get facial expressions defined for the nose.

To animate a nose of a human head with the point translator:

1. In edit mode, select the points representing the nose of a head

2. Click the Point Translator tool. A point translator object is created.

3. Activate the 'Construct' option for the point translator.

4. Modify the point translator object in animation recording mode to animate the nose points.

Properties defined by the point translator object are explained in models/geometrics/pointtranslator page.