Axial deformer is a modifier that translates target points based on their distance or projection to the defined axis. The level of deformation can be controlled with three parameters: Angle, that controls the rotation about the axis (tangential translation), Scale controlling how much point is scaled about the axis and Translation that defines how much points are moved along the axis. Control curve option defines the level of effect.

To use the tool, select one or more target objects (particles, freeform surfaces), activate the tool and enter two points through the view window to define the deformation axis.

Rotation with distance mode. The distance mode can be used, for example, by creating tornados: the shorter the distance to the axis, the higher the rotation angle (that is, the angular velocity).

Rotation with projection mode. In this mode the rotation depends on the points position on the axis. The rotation angle in the beginning of the axis is zero. Full rotation angle is achieved at the end point of the axis.

The Axial deformer defines the following options:


Conrols whether target points are deformed in function of projection-to-axis or distance-to-axis.


The control curve to be used for defining the geometry of the deformation.

Tangential, Radial, Axial

These values define now much the target point in question is rotated about the axis, scaled towards the axis and translated along the axis.


Controls whether the deformation is axis, or defined as a function of time.


Strenght of the deformation.

To create a tornado:

1. Create a particle cloud

2. Select the particle object, activate the tool and enter two points in the view window to define the symmetry axis for the tornado.

3. Use Hyperbolic control curve with Animation option and appropriate rotation angle.

4. Play