All tools in the construction tool group create an object, which applies a certain effect to its target objects. Any number of construction objects can be created to control an object.

For example, a point translator object can deform some of the points in a SDS object. Bend deformer can then be used for bending the deformed object. In this case, there would be two deformations associated with the SDS object.

A subdivision object controlled by point translator and bend objects
Bend deforms a lattice which deforms a SDS object

Construction objects can also be applied to other construction objects. For example, a lattice deformer can be used for bending a SDS sphere. A bend deformer can be used for bending the lattice deformer. This leads to a hierarchical construction system, where any object can have any number of constructors.

A certain construction effect can be modified by editing the attributes of the corresponding constructor object. To remove an effect of a constructor, delete the constructor object.

Construction based tools can be found from the Construction tool group.