Traject tool can be applied to animated objects in order capture their motions into a trajectory curves. The tool supports three kind of curves: continuous, point and dash.

Trajectories created by moving and rotating analytic sphere. Continuous line type used.

The Traject object defines the following options:


In 'Object' mode only one trajectory is created for the object. In 'Point' mode trajectories are created per geometry point (vertex).

Line Type

Continuous, Dot or Dash. Nurbs curves, 1D particles or 2D particles are used to represent trajectories accordingly.

Max Count

Maximum number of points allowed per trajectory. Setting this value to zero means that the maximum point count is infinite.

Line Width

Diameter of the generated trajectory (in millimeters).


Minimun distance between two subsequent points. No new points get inserted before the distance to the previous point is higher than this value.

To use the tool:

1. Create a moving object.

2. Select the animated object and apply the tool.

3. Play the animation