Noise is a modifier that uses harmonic fractal noise to deform the target points. The weight attribute can be used for controlling the strenght of the noise, and the cube geometry defines the size of the noise.

To use the tool, multi select one or more target objects (particles, freeform surfaces) and enter two points through the view window to define the bounding box for the noise object.

The noise object defines the following options for controlling its effect:


Disable noise in the 'z' direction


Strenght of the noise.

To create a flock of wriggling particles:

1. Create a flock of 1D particles and animate the translate attribute on object's 'X' axis. So you have a flock of particles moving horizontally in some rather boring fashion.

2. Select the particle object and activate the Noise tool. Enter two points in the view window to define bounding box for the deformer.

4. Play the animation.