Selection Painter

Selection Painter is a tool which selects object editing handles (points, edges and faces) in a painting like manner. Selection happens simply by LMB-dragging a circular brush over the targets.

The tool can be used also for selecting entire objects. Object/handle painting is detected automatically from the already selected objects. If all selected objects are in editing mode, handle selection is painted. Otherwise (also when there is no selected objects yet), object selection is painted. Object selection painting is a useful feature when dealing with a large number of objects, such as curve modeled hairs.

The tool obeys the standard selection modifiers: Alt removes from the current selection and Shift adds points to the current selection.

Selecting point handles by painting

The size of the circular selection brush can be adjusted from the toolbar or with the mouse wheel.

The default shortcut for selection painter is Alt-Spacebar.

The Selection painter tool has an option for front side selections. The feature uses true geometric visibility to ensure that flipped SDS normals or open NURBS surfaces do not cause any problems.

The tool also supports connected selections. The connectivity feature limits the selection only to the neighborhood of already selected handles. Selection does not jump to disconnected surfaces that happen to be behind the desired target area. For example: select a tip of a finger and spread selection down the finger - other fingers will not interfere.

The Gradient option allows painting of soft selections. When enabled, the associated curve defines the distribution of the selection weight along the radius of the circular brush.

Connected selection selects the back side of the ear but not the skull behind the ear