The Classes tab of the Options window shows all public attributes of the installed program modules. For example, to change the highlight color of point edit handles from the default yellow to green:

  • Go to the 'Classes' tab of the options window and find the item 'Wireframe Drawing Context' from the class tree. Activate it by clicking it with the left mouse button.

  • The right side of the options window now shows the list of attributes for the wireframe drawing context object. Click 'Handle Fill Color'.

  • Below the list, a gadget shows the current value for the selected attribute. Change yellow (1,0,0) to green (0,1,0).

Now close the options window and create an object. Hit the spacebar to activate the point edit mode; then select some points to see that selection is indicated with the new green color.

[Note] Note
Many class attributes are read only at the program startup. If you do not see any change after setting a class attribute value, just restart the program.