Advanced Selection Window

The Advanced Selection Window enables geometric object selection by object properties. For example, all material mapping objects hidden in a complex hierarchy can be selected here easily and made invisible to avoid wire frame clutter.

The window has three tabs for three different selection approaches: by name, by object class and by other object property. The three buttons on the bottom perform the actual selection operation after the condition has been defined:

[Note] Note

Select operations do not perform a completely new selection but add and subtract from an already existing selection. This way you can combine several consecutive select operations.

Select operations search through the entire object tree (not the current Level only).

Only the condition set by the visible tab (Name/Class/Property) affects selection. Hidden conditions are not considered.

The string that specifies object selection should include full hierarchy path to the desired objects, for example: '/root/level*/sphere*'. The wildcard character asterisk '*' matches any number of consecutive characters.

Selection by name wildcards

Select By Class

The 'Class' tab of the advanced selection window shows all object types included in the current project. You can pick for example 'Sphere' class and hit 'Select' to get all analytic spheres selected.

Selection by object class

Select By Property

The 'Property' tab shows all common on/off type attributes of geometric objects. Select adds objects, which have the activated property set. If 'Invert' is checked, select adds objects, which do not have the property set.

Selecting all 'wire frame invisible' objects