Color Window

The Color Window is available at the 'Windows' pull down menu. The hotkey F12 of the default key map opens and closes the window. The color gadget of the color window is used as a component in many property sheets, tool controls etc. in a reduced form (without 'Predefined Colors' array). The documentation below is valid for all such color gadgets.

The floating color window opened from the 'Windows' pull down menu does not directly change any color attribute in the scene. It acts as a tool where you can blend colors and optionally store them to the 'Predefined Colors' array. The actual use of created colors happens by dragging and dropping colors from the color window to color gadgets of object property windows, to tool controls etc. Colors can be fetched into the color window the same way, using drag and drop.

The following controls are available:

  • Predefined Colors: The array of predefined colors is not available in all color gadgets. When available, you can drag colors from it and drop them into other color gadgets. You can also store colors to this array using drag and drop (for example from the color sample area of the color wheel).

The Color Wheel in expanded and collapsed states