File Rendering Window

The File Rendering Window opens from the File/Render pull down menu (hotkey Ctrl R). With this window, you can render images and animations to disk files.

The top area of the window contains controls for a file rendering configuration object. The bottom area includes the following gadgets:

  • Time A progress indicator showing the time used for rendering and the estimated total time.

  • Render Image This button starts rendering of a single image.

    [Note] Note
    If motion blur or field rendering is active, use the Render Animation button to render all sub images required for one complete frame.

  • Render Animation Renders all images of the current animation (or a sub interval defined by the Play Range animation option).

  • Stop Cancels file rendering.

    In animation rendering, already rendered separate images will not be deleted. However, an intermediate animation file such as an avi file will be deleted.

    In single image rendering, the user will have an option to keep already rendered image boxes, provided that the box rendering feature is used. If the sub boxes are kept, rendering can be continued later by using the existing image sub boxes.